Clarinda’s Bio

GardeniaClarinda Clark was born in St. Helens, Oregon. After graduating from high school, she moved to Florida where she raised her daughter. She attended Brevard Community College and obtained her Paralegal Degree. While at BCC she enrolled in classes on writing, speech and communication.

“I’ve always been taught to ‘write what you know’ but the best advice I gave myself, which I pass on to other writers, is to write what I feel. A character shows up in my head and literally won’t go away until I write her story. Then, like a spirit crossing over, she moves on and another one appears. I like them and I feel for them. I want my readers to feel the same.”

Clarinda still lives in Florida, near her daughter and three granddaughters. She works as a Paralegal and spends her time writing novels and short stories.

“Logic doesn’t always have a chance to win against emotion [...] Reason may triumph in the end but emotion will carry a project to success.” (Engri, “The Art of Creative Writing” 27)