Books-Display-2Sasha turned the key in the lock and slowly opened the front door. She paused in the doorway and looked around. The house was dark and quiet.

She climbed the stairs one at a time, mindful of any creaks and groans. She made her way down the darkened hallway toward the bedroom. The door was slightly ajar and Sasha pushed it open. The room was empty. Janie had told her that the letter was in the bureau drawer but the only furnishing in the room was a nightstand with a lamp on it.

Sasha quickly crossed the room and stood in front of the nightstand. There were two small drawers. She pulled the knob on the top drawer and it came off in her hand.

“What the?” She mumbled and stuck the knob back in place. The bottom drawer opened easily and Sasha was relieved to see that the letter was indeed there. She retrieved the letter and held it up in the dim light and looked at the envelope. It looked like George’s writing but it was too dark to tell for sure. She shoved the letter in the pocket of her jacket and turned to leave.

Sasha quietly went out of the room and closed the door behind her but then remembered it had been open when she came in. She stepped back and opened the door just a bit then turned toward the stairs to leave. It was then that she saw that the door to the master bedroom was open. Curiously she peered inside expecting to see Janie but the room was empty and the bed had not been disturbed. Janie was not there.

“Where is she?” Sasha asked. Then she heard a sound coming from the bedroom down the hall. That door was closed.

Sasha leaned against the door and listened intently. She heard the sound of heavy breathing coming from within the room. She slowly opened the door and was shocked at what she saw. Janie was in bed with another woman! The room reeked of booze and there was an empty bottle of bourbon on the floor beside the bed.

A dozen questions raced through Sasha’s head. Who was this woman and what was Janie’s relationship with her? Were they having sex? Does she know about the money?

“It doesn’t really matter who you are. Janie belongs to me and I won’t let anyone get in my way.” Sasha said in a deadly whisper.

Sasha pulled a gun out of her pocket and raised her arm. She cocked the gun and pointed it directly at Tessa’s head.